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Our Story

The Refuge Pageau is the result of the fruits of labour of Michel & Louise Pageau and their passion for Mother Nature and her wildlife. In a gradual realisation of his vocation, Michel Pageau – a former trapper - laid down his rifle to devote his life & career to the protection of wildlife & to the education of the public. All the while his wife Louise never wavering from his side.

It was in 1986 that Michel & Louise’s project officially became the Refuge Pageau, a temporary, or occasionally a long term, shelter for wild animals in need of rehabilitation. Each year the Refuge Pageau receives thousands of visitors, and it is these visitors who permit the Refuge Pageau to continue its charitable works. Visitors are the primary source of funding for this not for profit organisation, and their support is essential for its survival. Since the opening in 1986, the Refuge Pageau has developed & grown, with the reins of the organisation now in the hands of the family & friends of Michel & Louise.

Since retiring, Michel Pageau has seen his work continue and develop thanks to the passion he has passed on to his children, grand-children and all those who have been fortunate to work alongside him. Louise continues to provide a valuable helping hand in administering care to the animals. Each year, more than 150 wild animals receive a second chance and regain their freedom through the Refuge Pageau. Add to that number, the list all permanent residents to whom the Refuge Pageau provides shelter, love and care. 

Since 1986, Michel and Louise Pageau have sowed a passion that continues to grow and grow.