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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a restaurant onsite?

No. We have a small kiosk which sells snacks, drinks & ice-creams but for the moment we do not offer meals.

Are the trails accessible to strollers?

Yes, the trails have been designed so that they are accessible.

Are sledges permitted for children in winter?

Yes, we even have a few we are able to loan out during your visit.

Is it possible to eat on-site?

o If you bring your own lunch, we have several areas for picnickers. If you are visiting outside of high season (June to August), it would be preferable for you to contact us prior to your visit to confirm the picnicking possibilities on site.

How many wild animals do you have on-site?

It varies depending on several factors & the seasons. The number of residents generally fluctuates between 70 & 200. The number of residents is usually higher in summer due to the elevated number of admissions of orphans. Spring tends to have a lower number of residents following numerous releases back in to the wild

For how long has the Refuge Pageau existed?

The incorporation of the Refuge Pageau took place in 1986

Do you receive any governmental support or subsidies?

o As an organisation we receive no reoccurring subsidies from the Federal or Provincial governments. However, as a not for profit organisation each year we receive a few subsidised employees (back-to-work, students etc) who form part of our team. The refuge is financed primarily thanks to the great visiting public whose entrance fees approximately cover 60% of our annual budget. Due to the tourist attraction of the Refuge Pageau & the consequential economic benefits this brings to the town of Amos, the municipal council remits a sum of money to the Refuge Pageau which helps to balance our budget. Donators, associates & partners are also very important for the organisations.

I have found a wild animal. What should I do?

Before intervening with a wild animal you believe to be in distress, one must be certain that the creature requires help. It is best for a wild animal to remain in the forest. Please call a wildlife rehabilitation specialist and share your observations with their experts. The experts will advise you on what steps to undertake.

Do you take in animals from outside the region?

Due to legalities, space and expenses, where possible we restrict ourselves to animals from the local region of Abitibi-Témiscamingue. Where animals from outside are admitted, it must be with the agreement of the Environmental Conservation Agents.

Do you accept Interac?

Yes. We are able to perform credit & debit card transactions

What is the difference between the guided & non-guided visit?

The non-guided tour allows visitors to circulate at their own rhythm and read the information signs next to each cage or enclosure. With the guided tour, a tour guide will accompany you for the duration of the visit, explaining the history of the refuge, the animal’s story as well as responding to your questions.

How long it takes to complete a visit?

Approximately 2 hours

Is it more expensive to take a guided visit?

No, the entrance fees are fixed.

Is it outside?

Yes, the centre is predominantly outside. We have a few shelters along the trail, in case of intemperate weather but one should dress accordingly!

How many people work at Refuge Pageau?

The number of employees fluctuates with the number of visitors and the time of the year. During the summer we have approximately 20 employees, the majority of whom work full-time. During the low season, we have approximately 15 employees, most of whom work part-time.

Am I permitted to bring my dog for a visit?

No. For the safety & security of our visitors, wildlife and man’s best friend, we do not accept any external animals on to the premises of the Refuge. We would advise you to leave your animal at home to avoid several hours waiting in the car!

How old do I have to be to work at refuge Pageau?

For the student jobs, such as tour guide during the summer season, you can apply from the age of 16.

In winter is it necessary to wear snowshoes?

Snowshoes are not necessary. Our trails are well maintained, a good set of boots will suffice

Do you take volunteers?

Rarely. The animals require a high level of consistency to facilitate the well-being & recovery. Occasionally we will request volunteers to help with the more manual labour such as construction or painting/decorating.

Is a lot of walking required?

The trail is roughly 1,5km long over gravel chippings or wooden walkways

Do you take domestic animals?

No. Our mission is to help wild animals. We do not have the resources or budget necessary to provide refuge to domestic animals.

Do you have wheelchairs?

Yes, we have a few wheelchairs which we can lend to those in need for the duration of their visit

Is the Refuge accessible for those with reduced mobility?

Yes, the trails have been designed so that they are accessible to wheelchairs